Nic's XviD Binaries & Paraphernalia ;)

Rebuilt the XviD Binary as there was a weird resize issue
Build Info:
Built from CVS 20090823
Again, has the small N-VOP patch as below

Been a while hasn't it? :)
I've updated my XviD Binary
Build Info:
Built from CVS 20090819
Has the new selectable lumimasking/adaptive quant code from x264/DarkShikari
Has a small mod to ensure no N-VOPs are created when Packed Bitstream is off and Framedrop is set to 0

p.s. For those trying to get Processor Pack 5 installed on Visual Studio 6 while running on Vista/Windows 7 - replace this file sp598ent.stf in the Pro Pack 5 directory.

Not video related, but started coding away at the ancient FFE (Frontier: First Encounters)
Link: FFE

WMNicEnc 1.02 Beta Released
Added sh0dan's patch making the VC-1 options more readable

NicMP4Mux for iPod v1.2 & iTunes 7.0
An awful hack to add the required uuid atom that an MP4 file needs before being accepting by iTunes 7.0 when using H264 files with a width of 640 pixels.

WMNicEnc 1.01 Beta Released
Added more complexity options and buffer window size
Nothing exciting, just thought I may as well up the version I was using

WMNicEnc 1.00 Alpha Released!
Now supports the VC-1 Codec and all it's settings!
Also supports setting complexity to maximum!

QuEnc 0.60 Released!
New XviD Ratecontrol in 2 Pass mode!
Added a MPEG-1 System mux mode
Can apply pulldown to the encode
Bug fixing...More stable (for use in more than one instance of QuEnc, etc)
A bunch of other stuff I'm too ill to remember ;)
(Just released 0.61! Has a bug fix for the MPEG-1 System Mux)

DVD2AVI_Nic Update
Minor update that makes it more useful and more stable
(It's still what I use to encode XviD video)

QuEnc 0.59 BETA 4 Update
Ok, the last QuEnc (BETA 3) had a problem with MPEG-1, it wasn't outputing Aspect Ratio
Rate Control should be slightly better now (not so much undersize)
This build was built using MinGW rather than Cygwin (my computer has decided to hate cygwin)
I don't know if this will make a difference

QuEnc 0.59 BETA 3 Update
In my endless mission to produce a stable 0.60 version before doing any real major changes
here is another update that should be a more stable and compatible QuEnc

XviD Binary (1.1.0-beta2) Update
Updated my Xvid Binary. Koepi's site ( I've had problems getting to.
So for anyone else with problems, here's an updated XviD. Find more info at

QuEnc 0.59 Beta 2 Update
Minor update with B-Frame Encoding

QuEnc 0.59 Beta Update
Basis of a release candidate for QuEnc 0.6 Stable
B-Frame strategy should always produce uniform B-Frame placement
Fixed mono audio encoding
When GOP=0 means GOP size will be infinitely large
Now has encode only audio or video options
Fixed last frame not encoding when using B-Frames
Added -silent option (loads QuEnc minimized)
"Extreme" Settings don't automatically turn on Trellis

QuEnc 0.59a Minor Update
(Added a "I" Information button so you can get info on the input file)
QuEnc 0.58a Minor Update
(TFF Bug Fix, Only Accepts YV12 Colorspace as Input Fix)

Happy New Year!
QuEnc Section and New Build (0.57a)
(Has a NoMux (video Only) Feature and Updated CVS for better DVD Muxing Support)

Minor Update to DVD2AVI_Nic (0.21)
(Fixed a 29.970 bug and end of file bug)

Happy Christmas!
I'm releasing DVD2AVI_Nic. It's not finished, probably never will be but
it's a lot of code and I felt I should release it....So here it is (click on the menu listing to the left) :)
I've got an Ellion DVR 530S. Plays XviD well...So I'm happy :)

Well, it has been a while hasn't it?
New XviD build up, nothing special. Intel 8.1 Compiled.
(Has been over a year afterall... ;) )

New XviD Build up! Intel 7.1 Compiled. Standard CVS Build.
About Time hey? ;)

XviD bit back up ;)

The XviD Section is now closed, this may mean the closing of this site, but I hope not :)

New XviD build up
Latest CVS HEAD branch (was dev3-api)
Updated the filter accordingly as well as put up a seperate installer

New XviD build up :) ICL7 Compiled (has VHQ)
DShow should be fixed! Seeking and Black&White bug gone (thanx ewi!)
Can also force output color as well.
Also new MPEGDecoder.dll up, experimental, but works well
Can now use -2 switch like old 1.32 version, as well as manually setting the frame count
Also has automatic support for Transport Streams

New XviD build up (again) :)
New DShow set of source, based on the CVS filter and what I observed in ffdshow's source
(Still not perfect but ive linked the source so people can help me fix it ;) )

New XviD build up :)
Maybe the DShow doesn't work, maybe it does

Test version of MPEGDecoder 2 (both yuy2 & yv12 versions) is up!
(Cant get on the forum to post it at present...)

Windows Media 9 has been properly released so ive updated my encoder accordingly :)

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