GLFFE - Nic Mod

A modification to an OpenGL version of Frontier: First Encounters

GLFFE - Nic Mod v1.4

Download: GLFFE - Nic Mod
Source Code: GLFFE - Nic Mod v1.4 -

GLFFE v1.0 - Nic Mod v1.4

The aim of this mod is to allow for a more stable, bug fixed and feature rich version of GLFFE.

Warning: This is a hacked and reverse engineered version of a commercial game. 
Therefore it's probably illegal to own it even if you bought the original. 
It will be removed rapidly if anybody complains.

Original game copyright David Braben or Frontier Developments
JJFFE by John Jordan
Aniso's mod by Anisotropic
OpenGL mod by kolijoco
cockpit replacement art by John Bluestone
FFE FAQ by Jeroen van Drongelen and Graham Thurlwell
Viper Craft for OpenGL 1.2 code
Autotarget, Starsystem names and Y/N fixes by RMG + Brendan

GLFFE/JJFFE is only a replacement executable and config+graphic files for FFE, not the complete game. 
It will run on its own, but will not have music, sound effects, journals or the cabin backgrounds for the larger ships.
It should be unzipped over a complete FFE installation for full functionality. 

1) Aquire the shareware version of Frontier: First Encounters Elite Club (
2) Unzip shareware version into a suitable directory (i.e. C:\FFE)
3) Unzip GLFFE into the same directory (i.e. c:\FFE) - If asked to overwrite select Yes.
4) Run the game by double-clicking firstenc.bat in the installation directory's firstenc directory (i.e. C:\FFE\firstenc\firstenc.bat)

Notes on Ansiotropic's mod
Ansio's mod adds a lot to JJFFE, but also makes it too unstable. I tried stabilising it (I stopped some stack corruption,
fixed going to Pleione and other crashes), but there are too many issues. So my plan is to slowly move changes from
Aniso's mod to this mod but allow them to all be configurable through "hacks.txt". 

New + Import Features 

+ No longer only supports OpenGL 2.0. Should be compatible on OpenGL 1.2 cards

+ shipdata.txt
  	From shipdata.txt you can set the parameters of all the ships. 
	The files shipdata_orig.txt and shipdata_aniso.txt list all the default parameters of FFE and FFE + Aniso mod.
	You can configure the ships as you wish in shipdata.txt using these files as a template.

+ Hacks.txt
	This allows you to modifiy the following parameters/hacks:

	BetaLyraeFix 			- Fix crash when jumping to Beta Lyrae
	ProcessPriority 		- Process Priority (0->Idle, 1->Normal, 2->High)
	PlanetDetailHack		- DreamZzz Planet Detail Hack (0->off 1->on - can also be controled with Ctrl+1 & Ctrl+2)
	CanHaveExcessCrew 		- Allows you to launch with more crew than needed
	NoMassMissiles			- Missiles no longer take up cargo space
	DoubleFastMissiles		- Doubles the thrust of missiles
	NoTurretMovementWhilePaused	- Stops the turret from moving while paused
	CorrectShipWorth		- When selling your ship, equipment value will be included in the sale price

+ Pressing BackSpace will set your speed to 0 (better than holding down shift for ages)

+ Pressing HOME will fix any keys/actions that appear stuck. 

+ You can now switch correctly between windowed and fullscreen mode by pressing Ctrl+F12

+ Uses SDL_Image to load PNGs/JPGs instead of BMPs

Bug Fixes

+ Fixed bugs in new GL code. Stack corruption and SDL calls (pPalTexture, SDL_FreeSurface instead of SDL_Free, etc)
+ Can now jump to Beta Lyrae (optional via hacks.txt)
+ Griffin no longer shoots itself with its turrets (see fix in shipdata.txt)
+ Panther Clipper has Hull Mass and Space Available swapped around (see fix in shipdata.txt)
+ You can now travel to and get system data from Zeioqu, Greandqu & Andlaar without crashing (fix taken from Aniso mod)
+ Writing the names of save games will be easier now (changed glffe.cfg's repeatdelay value)
+ Handling using the mouse in windowed mode is now improved.
+ "Set" speed can be much greater than "actual" speed and the main thrustes will still fire (fix by John Jordan)

Source Code

All my changes in the source can be found by "Find In Files"/grep for: Nick


Nic Mod:
Aniso's Mod: