Nic's XviD Binaries & Paraphernalia ;)

WMNicEnc - A Windows Media 9/VC-1 Encoder that takes AviSynth scripts as input v1.02 Beta
WMNicEnc SourceCode v1.02 Beta

Windows Media 11 Codecs (From Windows Media Player 11 Beta!)
(you must have WM9/VC-1 codecs for the encoder to work!)

Changelog as of 0.95

1.02 Beta
sh0dan's patch to make the VC-1 options more readable

1.01 Beta
Minor update. Added more compression complexity options and buffer window size.

1.00 Alpha
Added support for VC-1 & all it's registry options!

Hopefully fixed the FPS bug...

Updated with final release of Windows Media 9

Updated with latest beta of Windows Media 9
(checks for AviSynth before running now)

Added WM9 IVTC & Deinterlace
Other minor bugfixes

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